Group Facilitation

Planning workRandy left a meeting shaking his head, concerned that the business team was jumping into problem solving before they had adequately defined the problem at hand. As a scientist, he knew that a lot of questions needed to be explored—along with technical, business, and consumer data to assimilate—before it would make sense to pursue solutions. If only he could redirect the team to focus on clarifying the problem, he was certain that they could find a technical solution to help solve the business challenge. Randy convinced the marketing manager to engage Storlietelling to lead the team through a creative/technical problem solving process. Because of Randy’s leadership, the technical and non-technical team members worked collaboratively to the clarify the problem and articulate viable solution paths.

With extensive experience facilitating groups in various settings, I help clients, like Randy and his team, solve technical and creative problems that unlock business growth. As a certified facilitator in the Creative Problem Solving process (Creative Education Foundation), I design and facilitate customized sessions for business teams engaged in innovation and creative problem solving. I am particularly skilled at facilitating teams in working through fuzzy front-end challenges that involve clarifying the problem to solve.

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Health Innovation Working Sessions

  • Immersion in science, consumer, and competitive landscapes
  • Ideation and concept development
  • Screening and prioritization against business and science feasibility
  • Strategic planning

Creative Problem Solving Sessions using the Creative Education Foundation process:  Clarify, Ideate, Develop, Implement.

Download an overview of my approach to Creative Problem Solving Process:  [button font_size=”12″ color=”#92278f” text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”” url=”” width=”” target=”_blank”]Download[/button]

Theme-based Sessions unify a meeting experience through an umbrella theme that can be lightly infused or applied to all visual elements and group activities. Stories, metaphors, music, and props can be used to bring the theme to life. Theme-based sessions deliver a memorable team experience, inspire creativity, and boost output.

Team Building Sessions with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1 and 2 process. I am certified by CAPT: Center for Applications of Psychological Type. Team building through MBTI is a great adjunct to innovation or other learning sessions, especially when there are new members of a team or a team is just forming. If a team has already done MBTI sessions, Type Preferences can be used in planning group activities tailored to the teams working and learning styles.

Storytelling Workshops for innovation and marketing, leadership and influence, sales training, and health communications. I can also weave elements of storytelling into any of the other group processes. Refer to Storytelling Workshops for more information.