Consulting Services

Innovation_iStock_000044385168MediumTaylor walked out of her boss’ office with her head spinning. The VP of Innovation had requested her leadership on a high-profile initiative. Her charge was to map out the landscape for an emerging health platform to drive growth for multiple brands. She’d have a cross-functional team, but they wouldn’t report to her. Excited and honored! But Taylor was overwhelmed about how to get it all done—along with her other work. With support from Storlietelling, Taylor designed and led a collaborative process to deliver on the challenge. The team integrated consumer insights, health science, and marketplace dynamics to identify opportunity areas. They also created a prioritization framework to rank the highest potential opportunities and map strategic pathways.

Storlietelling helps clients, like Taylor, succeed in figuring out “where to play” and “how to win” in the health space. We start by designing a process to engage a cross-functional team in a collaborative problem solving process with strategic working sessions and stakeholder management communications. Then facilitate the business team through a series of customized sessions:

  • Immersion in the science, consumer insights, marketplace trends, competitive analysis, and internal assessment
  • Identification of strategic pathways
  • Ideation to integrate health science with consumer need states
  • Screening of ideas for feasibility and impact
  • Action planning to advance high-potential ideas into business plans and communications

As a trusted adviser and business partner, I can also develop interim and final deliverables that synthesize the team’s ideas and articulate strategies and opportunities. If needed, I can craft “the story” and create high-impact presentations to sell a team’s ideas into the organization.

Contact me if you want help with:

  • Health Innovation
  • Strategic Health Communications
  • Technical and Creative Problem Solving
  • Process and Meeting Facilitation