Storytelling Workshops

Version 4Sitting at his desk at 6 pm, Bill struggles to finalize a pitch to the senior leadership team tomorrow. Reviewing the consumer data again, he feels confident that his team has developed a winning product concept. But how is he going to convince the skeptics to invest in this bold new idea? Pacing his office, he distractedly flips on the radio. “Great, just what I need, traffic gridlock! And I promised Julie I’d pick up a few things for dinner,” he shakes his head. Switching channels, he’s drawn into a story and becomes mesmerized. When he comes back to his pitch — it hits him! He doesn’t need more facts; he needs a story. The stories are jumping out at him from the consumer data, but he’s been blinded by the statistics. He restructures his deck, starting with a story, links it to the product idea, and puts most of the data in back-up. Driving home satisfied, he greets Julie with salad, bread, and smile on his face. His instinct was spot on … leadership became excited about the product, and he got the green light to move it forward.

Just as Bill discovered the power of a story to capture his listeners’ hearts and minds, Storlietelling Workshops can help your team learn how to weave stories into business communications to persuade and influence others. Participants write and draw stories, then practice storytelling with the group to gain skills and confidenKraft Quote-01ce. You will develop skills and practice through a four phase process

  • Mine your life for stories
  • Develop plot and meaning
  • Infuse salient details
  • Polish with the “Goldilocks Principle”

Tailored to Your Needs

Workshops are tailored to a wide range of settings and audiences, including business leaders, marketing and consumer insights professionals, health care providers, and sales teams. I can customize the session length, learning approach, and experiential exercises to meet your needs. An introductory 1.5 hour session provides audiences with an overview of storytelling basics along with practice writing and telling simple stories. The introductory session can also be offered as a webinar. Longer workshops (.5 to 1.5 days) allow for greater skill development through peer mentoring and group storytelling. These options can be stand-alone offerings or combined into a progressive learning experience.

Midwest Dairy Quote-02 Whether you are planning an internal event or professional conference, please contact me for more information. Complimentary introductory 1.5 hour session available to Twin Cities non-profit and professional organizations for groups of 40 or more.

Recent and Upcoming Professional Events and Meetings

  • Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network, November 13, 2013
  • Product Development and Management Association-MN Chapter, November 20, 2013
  • Minnesota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, April 25, 2014
  • International Food Information Council, May 13, 2014
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference 2014, June 21, 2014
  • Savvy Consortium Product Development Conference XVII, September 24, 2014
  • Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, October 19, 2014
  • Dietitians in Business and Communications, DBC Communications Camp,January 15, 2015
  • DC Metro Area Dietetic Association, April 10, 2015
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference 2015, June 18, 2015
  • Story Powered Radio Show | VoiceAmerica Radio, September 15, 2015
  • Experimental Biology 2016, San Diego, April 4, 2016
  • 1000 and Your Story Conference, SMK University, Vilnius, Lithuania, April 22-23, 2016
  • Product Development and Management Association-MN Chapter, May 18, 2016 (details TBA)
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference, Buffalo, NY, June 15, 2016.
  • Human Resource Executive Forum, Minneapolis, MN, January 24, 2017
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute, Buffalo, NY, June 14, 2017